Angling Rules

Members must comply with the following rules:
  1. No boats or bait boats to  be used  on any waters listed in the book except Mill Pond where bait boats are permitted.
  2. No swimming in any CAS waters but wading is allowed at Ballast Hole during low water levels providing you do not wade past your knees or you can touch the bank at any one time. Any wading is done at your own risk.
  3. No fires or barbecues to be lit. (Except work parties)
  4. No member may take, or permit  to be taken, any air gun, air pistol or firearm onto any Society water.
  5. Swims must be cleared of litter before commencing to fish. You are responsible for all litter in your swim, including waste baits. Members breaking this rule are liable to confiscation of membership book for a period at the discretion of the Committee.
  6. Members must travel close to the water’s edge and not interfere with, nor injure, crops, shrubs or flowers, etc.
  7. Radios, including portable cassette players, must not be played. Personal stereos, 5″ TV’s and personal CD players may only may be used with headphones.
  9. Only barbless or micro-barbed hooks may be used. No bent hooks.
  10. All nuts including tiger nuts are banned.
  11. When fishing for pike and carp a 42” landing net, an unhooking mat and forceps must be used plus a carp care kit.
  12. Anglers must use an unhooking mat where necessary. For large Carp you must have an unhooking mat of a suitable size. Minimum 1m x 60cm a 10cm of padding or a suitable off the ground cradle. If in any doubt ask the bailiff for guidance.
  13. Only semi-fixed leads may be used on all CAS waters when fishing for carp. Leadcore and leaders are allowed but must be no more than 1m long and only to be fished helicopter style thus meaning should anyone have a crack off the leader would drop to the lake bed
  14. Any member found to be leaving litter will receive a life ban.
  15. No live fish to be removed or introduced to any  CAS water.All fish must be returned to the water except for dead, badly diseased or badly injured fish which should be humanely destroyed and reported to the Fisheries Manager or any Committee Member.
  16. No baited hooks shall be left unattended in any circumstances, either in or out of the water. Hooks to be unbaited and made safe.
  17. Members must carry Membership card when fishing CAS waters. Any member failing to produce his/her membership card whilst fishing on CAS waters shall leave the water and have their name and address taken by the person requesting, and their name forwarded to the next Committee Meeting. Anyone reported failing to produce their membership book shall be summoned to the Committee and requested to give reasons why they should not be banned for the rest of the season.
  18. All anglers over 12 years of age must hold a current EA licence.
  19. Any person leaving a fishery after ceasing to fish will be held responsible for any litter found within a 3 metre radius of their swim.
  20. All gates to be closed and no damage to fences. The club may close any lake whilst the fish are spawning. Notices will be placed at the lake and on Facebook but please use common sense and please do not fish for spawning fish.
  21. Juniors start at the age of 12yrs old. Guest tickets are £10 per guest per day max 2 guests per m’ship. 24 hrs guest or overnight £20. Non-fishing guest must purchase a non-fishing guest ticket £5. It is important that all anglers dry out all landing or keep nets before fishing any of our waters.
  22. EXCHANGE WATERS CAS have exchange arrangements with  3 other fishing clubs. You can fish these other waters on production of your membership card to Jack Frost Tackle, Crawley, or The Tackle Warehouse, Crawley, on a loan basis, and applications must be made during shop hours only. permit to the other waters is returned. Access to the following waters is available by CAS members: Henfield Angling, Leatherhead, Petworth Angling. Remember we are guests on these waters. If requested to show your exchange book by any of the clubs officers, you must do this on request. Failure to abide by their rules or any infringement of the fishing rights will result in a suspension of your membership and may result in a complete ban (check with club secretary as more exchange venues may be available).
  23. GUEST PERMITS Only Senior members of CAS are permitted to take a maximum of 2 guests onto CAS waters (Buchan Park, Ballast Hole, Mill Pond, Newpond and Milton Mount only) provided they obtain before hand a Guest Permit. Cost £10.00 per day for a Senior,£20 per 24hrs and £5.00 for a junior guest, £5.00 for any non fishing guests. Guest Permits are available from Jack Frost Tackle. Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests abide by all club rules.
  24. SPECIMEN FISH Members wishing to register the weight of specimen fish shall ensure that it is properly weighed, identified and witnessed, in the presence of two independent witnesses (anglers). The particulars should be sent to the Club Secretary WITHIN 14 DAYS ON A PROPERLY WITNESSED PAPER. (Please see member- ship book with regard to specimen form format).
  25. Any person infringing, breaking or disregarding any of the above by-laws or acting in any way deemed by the Society Committee to amount to misconduct or conduct prejudicial to the members of the Society may be called upon to give reason for his/her action and, failing to satisfy the Society Committee, may be liable to suspension from fishing the Society’s waters
  26. Maximum Size 4 Hooks on all waters
  27. Live baiting is not allowed at Buchan Park. Also carp to 30lbs plus (not 50) A DRAW FOR THE OPENING NIGHT WILL TAKE PLACE ON FRIDAY 10TH JUNE 7PM AT THE BOAT HOUSE. PLEASE BRING YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD
  29. Dogs are allowed on club waters (not shared venues) providing they are under full control by their owners at all times, do not cause annoyance to other anglers or members of the public and any mess or fouling is cleaned up immediately and removed from the venue when the owner leaves. Any member who breaks this rule will be banned from taking their dog to club venues for life.
  30. Livebaiting for predators is prohibited on all CAS waters.