Life Members

Mr D Bonsels, Mr L Wells, Mr S Jones, Mr S Clark Mr B Barnett, Ms G Granger, Mr I Hodder, Mr B Wheeler, Mr L Holman, Mr Paul Jackman



  1. All members to be bound by this Constitution and by-laws.
  2. The Society shall be called “Crawley Angling Society” and shall be run by the Committee.
  3. Object: The general object of the club shall be to provide the facilities of an angling club for it’s members, including the organisation and provision of angling, and to promote good sportsmanship and the best interests of anglers and angling.
  4. The Committee shall consist of President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Fisheries Manager, Head Bailiff and up to four Committee Members, who shall be elected at an Annual General Meeting or as required if no AGM takes place.
  5. Members elected onto the Committee and Officers of the Society must renew membership before the first Committee Meeting after the Annual General Meeting except Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer who shall be honorary members.
  6. Proposer and Seconder of Officers for election must have been a member of CAS for at least one year and also anyone nominated for position of an Officer.
  7. The Committee shall meet once a month, venue and date at their discretion. Five members shall form a quorum.
  8. Any member of the Committee failing to attend two successive meetings ceases to be a member of the Committee unless he/she has informed the Honorary Secretary prior to meetings. Vacancies occurring thus or by resignation may be filled by another member of the Society by co-option.
  9. Officers of other angling clubs cannot hold office in the Society.
  10. All members must be fully conversant with the Rules of the Society.
  11. The Committee shall have power to deal with any occurrence unprovided for in these Rules during the current season.
  12. A Special General Meeting may only be called by the Committee or, if necessary by a signed requisition of 50 members in addition to the proposer and seconder regarding a specific issue, giving 30 days notice. This specific issue will then be considered by the committee at their next committee meeting. No other business to be dealt with at the Special General Meeting except that stated.
  13. Such proposed alterations to be first submitted to a Committee Meeting which shall state their recommendations thereon to the committee.
  14. Life Honorary Members may only be elected or rescinded by the committee.
  15. The Committee reserves the right to refuse or rescind membership.
  16. All monies received for and on behalf of the Society by anyone shall be paid to the Treasurer, who shall issue a receipt and pay the same within a reasonable time into the Society’s bank account.
  17. All cheques to be countersigned by the Treasurer and Secretary. In the absence of the Secretary, by the Chairman.
  18. The Treasurer shall produce the pass book to the Committee when called to do so; notice having been given at the last Committee Meeting.
  19. A qualified accountant shall examine the accounts and certify to their accuracy, and these shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting.
  20. Renewal is only available online by visiting and following the instructions.
  21. The Annual General Meeting and venue shall only be arranged by the Committee.
  22. At all meetings, the minutes of the previous meeting shall be accepted by the Committee and signed by the Chairman.
  23. Subscriptions and any other financial matters shall be decided, agreed and imposed by the committee.
  24. Membership runs from 12 months from time of joining (not 1st May – 30th April as previously).
    Senior membership commences at the age of 17. Senior Citizens at state pension age shall have discounted membership on production of documentary evidence. Junior members (16 years or under) will also be entitled to discounted membership.
  25. The Membership and electronic rule book shall remain the property of Crawley Angling Society and must be carried on all Club waters at all times.
  26. No persons shall be permitted to fish in the Society’s waters before having obtained either a Membership Card or Crawley Angling Society’s guest ticket which is non-transferable.
  27. The close season shall be in accordance with the Act of Parliament currently in force and/or the fishery owner.
  28. Guest tickets are available through existing members of the club on production of membership card at £10.00 per day and £20 per 24hrs. Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests abide by all club rules. Each guest must be accompanied by a society member. Maximum 2 guests per member. Juniors may not purchase guest tickets.
  29. Members wishing to night fish Buchan Park on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday nights only MUST be in procession of a NIGHT MEMBERSHIP CARD. Please remember to bring your previous membership details when buying a night membership as you will not be able to join without this.
  30. All membership cards and temporary permits must be handed in when requested by any committee member or bailiff.
  31. All members must observe the country code and respect the wildlife.
  32. The Society accepts no responsibility for any injury or loss, howsoever caused, whilst on CAS waters.
  33. All trophy winners must return trophies to the Cup Custodian by 1st December each year in a clean, undamaged condition. Should trophy have been damaged whilst in possession of the winner, then an amount specified by the Committee shall be deemed payable.
  34. The Society shall not be dissolved whilst it has one hundred (100) subscribing members. Should it be deemed necessary for the Society to be dissolved, the committee shall decide where the property and funds are donated, after satisfying all liabilities, and this to include a charity nominated by the committee.
  35. Membership cards may be confiscated by any member of the Committee or serving Bailiff for breach of rules contained herein. The penalty and loss of membership time will be decided at Committee’s discretion. Membership cards are the property of CAS.
  36. Senior members will be entitled to one vote at the AGM if one is held. Junior members are not entitled to vote.
  37. No cans or glass bottles are to be taken onto club run waters.
  38. Bivvies may be used provided they are recognised by the tackle trade as being such. See separate rules for individual lakes.
  39. No member shall fish within 25 metres either side of electricity cable or pylon. The Society accept no responsibility for any injury or damage suffered as a result of a breach of this rule.
  40. Any pollution or suspected pollution must be reported to the Fisheries Manager immediately or the appropriate authority as stipulated on the EA licence.
  41. Tackle should be removed from swim if angler has to leave lake for longer than 1 hour.
  42. Junior non-members under 12, fishing with a member, may only use 1 rod.
  43. The members of the Committee of the Society and the Officers thereof  will not incur any personal liability in the performance of their duties and the membership of the Society will indemnify the Committee and and the Officers against any such liability that may arise at any time.